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Billericay Brewing for the Rochford Beer Festival

written by David Carter, Head of IT at NFL Legal

Steve and I arrived at about 9am not knowing what to expect, we had just been told to not dress too formal, I now know why!

After a brief health and safety rundown in the very quaint micro pub, we went next door to the micro-brewery, where we gloved up for our first job of the day.

First we had to empty 4 or 5 bags of barley in to the Mash Tun followed by lots of hot water. After a bit of stirring and lots of checking we then filtered the ‘Wort’ into the copper cylinder where the hops were added.

At this point it was time to muck in by emptying the saturated excess Barley back into the bags to be shipped off for animal feed. It very quickly came apparent that neither of us were going to make full time brewers as our shovelling technique and speed was nowhere near the standard required.

After a break for lunch we were back in the thick of it cleaning the various pieces of equipment used and checking the delicate boiling process of our precious, soon to be, beer.

Whilst our beer was being pumped into the fermenting vessel it was time to try some of the real stuff back in the micropub next door.

We tried four beers that were on sale in the pub, all of which were lovely, and unique in their own way.

We then were dragged (begrudgingly) back into the brewery from the pub, where we checked on how things were doing. After an after a hour or so we were pretty much done for the day leaving our beer in the excellent hands of the Brewery staff to ferment for between 5-7 days before bottling up.

A quick visit to the on-site shop to stock up on the beautiful and locally brewed ales and then we were on our way back to the office.

A thoroughly enjoyable experience which gives you a great insight into the beer making process and enables you to get ‘hands on’ in the process too. I would highly recommend it!


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